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Starship Asimov :

This really huge starship Starship Asimov was build to deliver goods, people, and information along his route through different colonized solar systems. Being equipped with the 'Dangerous And Very Expensive' 'DAVE' engine, it is able to travel distances in the range of light-years in apparently only a few months. As time keeps its normal pace for people inside the ship, passengers are kept in cold sleep during the journey.

The ship consists mostly of propulsion elements, and the cargo itself is only a minimum part of the total. As a consequence, travelling or sending cargo in one of those ships is terribly expensive and based on the weight. On the other side, it's quite risky due to the 'DAVE' system, as for the cold sleep process itself.

Being the only Faster Than Light system, the fastest way to forward news and data to remote colonies is loading them in one of those ships. Because of that, the arrival of one of those ships into a system means the arrival of fresh news from other planets, and mail from the last months for the colonists.

First appearance: 00994
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