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Winston Thurmad and Beekay :

A planets terraforming process Winston Thrumad animation is quite a complex thing. It includes not only the geological part of the settings, but also the introduction and equilibrium of every life form released in the newly created ecosystem. Winston is a veterinarian working in a number of certain biological aspects concerning the process now taking place in the planet.

His strange 'totally bald' aspect up to his eyebrows is due to intended genetical modifications his family underwent to adapt themselves to what was supposed to be a generations live time space life, even if he finally ended up working on a planet.

Beekay, the small dog, it's Winston's pet. Quite good judging people and alien characters, his name comes from his willingness in fiercely hunting dust bunnies under the furniture. Other known passtimes for him are creating conflicts with people coming from far away and fighting squeaky toys.

First appearance:
Winston 00351 - 00353
Beekay 00410

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