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Helix :

Initially created as cargo moving Helix image 2 robot for warehouses, his main motivation in live is to 'lift heavy objects, move them, and put them down'. He tends to apply this 'heavy object' tendency for all his actions from day to day work to souffle baking, which of course could cause him to turn any kitchen into a devastating weapon if left alone.

Somehow he ended up as Sam's companion. Helix is quite a young and usually naive robot, who still has not developed more than a weak connection to the robot community network. Maybe because of that, Sam has been able to flex him enough to accept his marginally legal acting, and to get Helix's collaboration in his plans, at lest most times he tries.

Helix image 1 Strange robot facts about Helix:
-He likes Godzilla and similar films as much as Sam does.
-He faints at the sight of battery acid.
-His circuits are air cooled, so he can't work in space without protection. Also he can't be exposed to water, or to any minimum pressure.
-He works on imagination rather than logic. He is able to build any false facts from scratch just to justify anything he imagines. For instance, he is one of the few robots who are afraid of vampires.

First appearance: 00001

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