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Sam Starfall :

During their exploration travels Sam's animation humanity has found just a few alien civilizations. Among them, they had the 'disgrace' of finding the 'Sqid', represented by Sam Starfall, evolved as saboteur member of his species, his main virtues are beeing liar, scoundrel, swindler, and kleptomaniac in same proportions

Sam is probably the only member of his species who ever went to space, and it was only due to an accident. He would not survive in this planet without his environment suit and the oxygen concentrator in his back pack. His high tech 'animatronic' face covers his real face which is full of 'cute little tentacles'. This way people can stand his face a lot better.

Evolved from scavengers, his eating habits can be way too unpleasant for most people around him. His instincts turn him into the obvious scoundrel of the group. Thief, liar, and swindler as he is, cant be said he is really a bad guy, just that his perspective of ethics is different from that of most people. This creates quite a few differences when he is together with Florence, even if he has good relations with Helix.

He creates chaos wherever he goes. ‘If you have a wallet, and see him near, you've already lost it’. People in this planet are hoping for the day they see him go away, and his own hope is getting the best benefit from every situation.

First appearance: 00001

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