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Florence Ambrose :

Florence is a first generation Florence animation 1 genetic prototype developed from the red wolf. Created by doctor Bowman in Ecosystems Unlimited labs, she is one of the proof of concept creations for the possible future colonization of some planets -see 'more about Bowman wolves' below-.

Product of this experiment 14 especimen -3 males and 11 females- happened to be finally released under some strange circumstances, and are now living scattered each in a different planet. Florence, having been trained in engineering, is bumped in this planet under those even more 'strange' circumstances told at the beginning of the story, and that have to do with her travel to a new destination, Sam Starfall, and some bottles.

Being in good relations with the human society that has created her, and the preservation of her own species being her main motivation by now, she tries to demonstrate her species can not only adapt, but also live along, help and be useful to the society she is living in.

First appearance: 00008

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