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Niomi, Almeda, Hazel and Tangent :

This small group Niomi's group Animation work as contractor for repairs here and there, doing works by the hour for anyone who needs their services.

Niomi has two daughters with her. The older one called Almeda, was conceived as a result of the geneticist work, and is quite proud about that.

Hazel is the younger, and she is at the exact age to be quite stressing for those around her, mainly if they happen to be at the range of her shoe. The group is completed by Tangent, the robot who helps Niomi in their repair works.

During her free time, Niomi shows she can be a helpful friend for Florence, introducing her two daughters to her, helping her around in her shopping, going out to town, or just being someone with whom she can have a conversation.

First appearance:
- Niomi and Tangent 00548
- Hazel 00640
- Almeda 00648

Niomi and tangent competence Proud of not being genetically related to her parents inhibitory safeguards kicking education
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