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Varroa Jacobsoni. :

Modeling live in newly ecosystems unlimited guy animation created planets, as well as forming and maintaining the ecosystems is the work of a really big company named 'Ecosystems Unlimited' (E.U.) Their field agents in those planets are assigned the supervision of all the process once it is started.

They are highly professional people, fully prepared for their jobs. The broad range of functions they have been assigned spans from checking any possible deviation in the process like, for instance, animals that may disappear under strange circumstances to the supervision of the artificial minds produced by this company.

Being able to quickly find a real and reasonable explanation for this kind of problems from just a few evidences, their mission is identify and correct any ongoing problem in time to keep the system stable.

Varroa Jacobsoni, who would most probably deny any relation between his name and the little bee parasite regarding it as a simple coincidence, is a diplomated annoyologist who, besides his work in artificial inteligences, also develops some work stress field studies

First appearance: 00245
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