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Freefall. Introduction.

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A group of totally uncanny characters meet in a young planet undergoing in its final stages of terraformation. Even if at first they are together for necessity, they soon turn in a well developed group despite their mostly totally opposed characters that soon leads to some "interesting" situations.

If you are not familiar to the Freefall story, this introduction should help in getting to know the main characters, and some peculiarities from each of them. There is also a section with some more exhaustive information about technology, the planet, and the robots in the story. While not necessary for the story, it gives some clues, details and background stories.
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Savage Chicken Starship Asimov Qwerty Dvorak Triac Winston Beekay Sawtooth Rivergrinder Helix Sam Starfall Florence Ambrose Almeda Hazel Niomi Tangent Tex Inspector Ecosystems guy Rants Freely Mr. Kornada
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- Moving the cursor over each character, will show the characters name. Some information will also pop up a moment later. Clicking on them, will open a new window with more information.
- Each new window has a link (the same for all of them) with some extended information about related items.
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